Intelligent Contract Reader

Accelerate critical decision making with instant
actionable contract insights.

Contract Review

  • Bumi is trained to work with 30+ different types of contracts. It can process bulk contracts simultaneously and produce instant results.

  • Bumi comes with a pre-processor that ensures any noise in the document is removed and the document is made ready for accurate data extraction.
  • Bumi’s keyword search comes with a list of standard pre-seeded keywords based on the contract type and also allows custom keywords to be added, as well as synonyms to expand the search.

Contract Abstraction

  • Based on the defined keyword search, Bumi extracts contract information at the sectional level for better context, along with specific information within each section.
  • Users can review and annotate the extracted contract information within the Bumi application.
  • Bumi also extracts signatures within contracts and performs multiple signature verifications based on the user’s needs.

Actionable Contract Insights

  • Bumi converts unstructured information in the contracts to structured information in the form of actionable contract insights within minutes.
  • Bumi comes with real-time reporting and customizable dashboards that gives increased visibility into the efficiency of the business process.
  • The output file from Bumi can be made available in a variety of different formats – JSON, PDF, CSV, etc.
  • Bumi can be seamlessly integrated with most upstream or downstream CLM applications through APIs or using flat files.

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Your AI-powered digital assistant that is dependable, available 24/7,
and doesn’t need coffee breaks!

Accelerated Time to Value

Bumi can be deployed in production within days instead of months, as it doesn’t require the overhaul of existing infrastructure, integrates seamlessly with most applications, and needs minimal support from IT to get set up and running.

Easy to Customize

Bumi can be easily customized and trained to cater to a specific department, domain, industry, or type of contract. Enabled by powerful AI technology, Bumi can be leveraged across the entire organization to meet different business needs.

Powerful Extensibility

Bumi’s core functionality can be extended to meet your unique business process requirements such as setting up:

  • Multiple approval workflows
  • Pre-set contract verifications
  • Reminders and notifications
  • And more!

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