Struggling to review and abstract bulk contracts that come in a variety of different formats?

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Automated contract review, abstraction, and analysis in just a few minutes, powered by AI.

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Save time and reduce operating costs while boosting productivity, by offloading tedious work.

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Bulk process various types of contracts and get real-time visibility into your business process.

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Manual contract review is slow,
inaccurate, and expensive.

Getting timely contract insights are critical for businesses
to avoid lost revenue, lost savings, and hidden clauses which leave
the organization open to liabilities

As a CFO

do you need to reduce operating costs while showing better profits?

As a Procurement Manager

are you missing critical information to make better decisions?

As a Contract Administrator

do you spend 80% of your time doing manual contract review?

Bumi : Intelligent Contract Reader

Deploy Bumi to leverage actionable contract insights for thousands of contracts within minutes while getting real-time visibility into your business process.

Contract Review

Review bulk contracts based on a defined domain to identify critical contract information, hidden liabilities, and embedded clauses.

Contract Abstraction

Extract contract information in larger sections as well as for specific terms and clauses with customizable keyword search and key value pairings.

Contract Insights

Draw insights from analyzed, summarized, and organized contract information to make critical data-driven decisions in a timely manner by different stakeholders.

Multiple System Integeration

Connect to multiple downstream applications and efficiently manage your data to make your contract management processes more efficient.

Real-Time Reporting

Get better visibility into your business process with real-time reporting, customized role-based dashboards, and audit trails.

Easy Customizability

Deploy Bumi to leverage actionable contract insights for thousands of contracts within minutes while getting real-time visibility into your business process.


Available 24/7
Speed to value
Reduce Operating Costs(OPEX)
Data-Driven Decisions
Countless Hours Wasted
Slower Processing
Expensive Overhead Costs
Prone to Manual Errors


User-Friendly Interface

Bumi has a clean and intuitive interface that is designed specifically for business users without the need to deal with overwhelming technical code.

Customizable Keyword Search

Choose from a pre-determined set of keywords or add your own keywords and synonyms to expand your search.

Multiple Contract Types

Bumi can read 30+ contract types and can be easily trained to learn those contract types that are specific to your domain or business.

Contextual Analysis

Bumi has the ability to segment, extract contract, and classify information at the sectional level, giving users more context to relevant terms and clauses.

Bumi is powered by Artificial
Intelligence (AI) technologies

Bumi leverages HighIQ’s proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Amazon Textract, which is used as the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool. Deploy Bumi instantly in your own secure AWS Cloud environment with pre-built configurations

How It Works